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Founded on decades of excellence, defining, building and executing the best analyst and influencer programmes in Europe St Cross Group can help you too.


We offer a range of services that:


  • Protect and enhance your brand

  • Increase your seller's success by improving your seller enablement programmes

  • Improve your demand generation activities


We're knowledgeable


We have a proven approach to influencer identification and profiling which can provide the best optimisation of your valuable resources. Once identified we provide a matching facility to align influencers with our your key spokespeople.


We're flexible


Once created we are able to manage your programme on your behalf, hand it back to you or anywhere in between.


We're the best


We run all briefings and outbound tactics are based on industry best practice (we invented it). Our briefings and analyst days are consistently rated as the best in Europe.


To find how we can help you just call us on +44 (0)208 144 1263 or email

St Cross Group

St Cross Group are experts in designing, building, and executing disruptive and affordable B2B Influencer Relations programs. 

The team has decades of practitioner experience and has worked with local and global brands to help them establish leadership positions with industry segment influencers.

Through its partnership with NarrativeWorx we are able to deliver unrivaled industry segment data from in excess of 6,000 sources. The insights inform our clients programs and their teams.

What not contact us for a discussion about your influencer plans? 

Just send an email to to start the conversation


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